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[Image Description: Background is several triangles in a circle like a pie alternating from true red, scarlet and black. A robin is sitting on his perch looking to the right.

Top Text: “Customer: “You tell your manager”

Bottom Text: “to stop being such a weenie””]

TL;DR: Head manager’s too busy/lazy to come up to the front to approve a return, customer jokingly calls him a weenie.


Okay, so, I was processing a return, and the customer brought back two of the same items, one was damaged before she even opened it but didn’t realize it was like that, and the other one was fine but she ended up not using it. I called my manager to check and make sure we’d be able to take back the damaged item or not, but forgot to mention that the return amount was over the limit that I can sign for myself without higher approval. I call back, and he says to just WAIT for the front end manager to clock-in…in five minutes…for further approval of the return. The customer’s been really chill the entire time I’ve been processing it, so it’s not like she was being grumpy or anything.

And then she just rolls that line out.

I joked with her that I’d be more than willing to let her write that down as a note to hand off, or I could call him and then hand the phone over to her to tell him that. She declined, but still laughed about it.


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How I would narrate the Olympics

  • me: he's doing some athletic shit
  • me: and omg look at that butt


Your cat is a Studio Ghibli character

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Dunno if this is relevant to your interests, but this dog rides and trains horses.

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Magenta experiment with watercolor and gouache. 10x15cm

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Maybe hes barn with it

Maybe its neighbaline

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English Cream Dachshund 

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I will continue to make this concept relevant until Nick gets with it (x).

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reblogging your own selfiesimage

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excuse me korra are u okay

korra your face

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older kainora

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